Who we are

Families helping their kids to learn better

We believe that any family, rich or poor, can make a difference and help their child learn better & achieve more. 

Started in 2013 by Ken Taggart and was born out of the need to create a meaningful connection with his family spread throughout the world.     Basically Ken's mother complained that his kids (her grandchildren) didn't talk to her for long enough on Skype; so Ken thought he could surely do something that would improve this problem for his mum.

The result is a solution that effectively turns technology time into family time by giving a platform for families and communities to stay connected through content, education and video.      Ken put together a mash-up of technology, homework & video chat in an effort to create something that met everyone's needs:

  • The kids love technology, so lets use that to our advantage and get them doing educational activities on the technology they crave
  • The grandparents want to spend time with the kids, so lets engage the kids with content they are interested in during a video call
  • The parents want help, so lets get the grandparents & kids doing homework together as that will free up a lot of a busy parent time in the day

In February 2014, Chatty Kidz was selected to be part of the Telstra incubator Muru-D.

In late 2014, Chatty Kidz signed a deal with Pearson Education allowing us to sell & distribute their books globally.

2015 - well we think its going to be an interesting year, we will keep you posted.

The Founder - Ken Taggart

The Founder - Ken Taggart

"We want Chatty Kidz to be useful to our own families & to help us to better educate our own children; if it's useful to us then it is going to be useful for you too." 


We make family calls fun, engaging and educational with a safe video chat platform for young children and interesting content they share in real-time. Helping millions of families grow closer loving bonds and provide a better education to their children.