kids Practice reading educational books with family, friends & tutors

Chatty Kidz is a peer-2-peer reading platform supporting all major devices.

We make it easy for anyone, anywhere to teach a child to read; with cost effective, instant access to the books, tools & services needed.

Our affordable reading development program for children consists of:

  1. Assessment tools to measure a child's reading level
  2. A reading development programme based upon assessment result
  3. 100's of levelled reading books supplied by major publishers 
  4. A digital reading platform so you can read books on any device
  5. Engage the child and their reading mentor via video call, whether this be a family member, friend or even a professional tutor, located locally or at a distance
  6. Reporting to parents and other relevant parties regarding a child's reading progress

Watch Lucas & his grandmother making memories together

What is Chatty Kidz?