Leveled readers help students practice and reinforce skills while fostering a love of reading. 

Curriculum content is "leveled" – a system of establishing text difficulty by evaluating features such as language use, sentence structure, story elements and more.      Your child will start at level 1 & progress through the various until they are reading level 30 books; by then their reading skills will be good enough for them to be 'Reading to Learn' (when they start picking up books and magazines that interest them to read & learn new stuff)

Your child's teacher can tell you what level your child is reading at or you can assess a child to determine their level using Chatty Kidz.
Encourage your child to choose books that are matched to that level - books that are challenging enough for the student to make progress, but not so difficult they cause frustration. 

We have 100's of books available instantly on Chatty Kidz, enough for you to select new books as they learn to read better & increase reading level.