Why do I need to register?

The apps that you will be testing are prereleased versions of our app that are not yet available on the Apple App Store. Therefore, in order to test the new content and features, we need to go through TestFlights. Registering via Testflights will allow us to send the app directly to you for download without going through the App Store.

How do I register?

Step 1: You should receive an email inviting you to test Chatty Kidz. Please read this email on your ipad and choose to accept the invitation from YOUR iPAD.

testflight 01.png

Step 2: Enter your details and follow the steps provided on the screen.

testflight 02.png
testflight 03.png
testflight 04.png
testflight 05.png
testflight 06.png

Congratulations your device has successfully connected.

Step 3: Wait for a follow-up email saying that you can now download the application. This will take about 48 hours for the application to be available to download.  This is due to changes that are needed that can only be made after the previous steps were completed.

testflight 07.png

Step 4: You will receive an email when the new application is available to download. This will ask you to click on a link where you will be provided with the following data. Validate your provisioning profile first by clicking the green button. Then click “install” to download your new app.

testflight 08.png

Troubleshooting: If you run into browser incompatability issues, click the button circled below to fix the issue.

testflight 09.png