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Children exposed to lots of books during their early childhood will have an easier time learning to read than those who are not.
— Dr. Henry Bernstein, Harvard Medical School, 2010

A massive library of levelled books for your child to practice their reading at home

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The level of reading difficulty is very important when your child is reading a book, so help them choose wisely.     The school may provide levelled readers as homework, you'll get the level to use there.   Otherwise here's the basic rule - if the child gets 10% or more of the words wrong when reading a book; it's too difficult!     Find easier books to practice reading with (i.e. a lower level) & avoid frustrating your little reader.

Hopefully you already read to your kids daily, but it takes time to read stories so we help out when your busy.   Kids explore our library of videos where people read books to them, featuring other kids, parents & grandparents.   Show them what to do and let them explore books, any books with a READ2ME icon displayed has a video available.

Daily reading to children, beginning in infancy, is essential for literacy development.
— Miller (2000)

If you need even more help to keep up with the reading homework, we can provide a professional tutor, a reading buddy or for free you can use your family to help.   Organise a weekly video call with the grandparents and get your kids to read a book to them!   It saves you time, the grandparents love the quality time and the kids want to practice their reading (showing off their skills to granny).

The single most important condition for literacy learning is the presence of mentors who are joyfully literate people.
— Shirley Brice Heath, sociolinguist, 1986