Hi,  thanks heaps for clicking on the link and coming to download Chatty Kidz!

Below are the applications that we have been working on to test our concept.  Once you have used it would be really good to get  your feedback either by emailing me or filling in this survey

Animals 4 Kidz - picture book for 2-4 year olds

Our kids loved to look through an animal picture book when they were young, we would spend time flicking through the pages talking about each animal, naming them and the sounds they each make. The Animals 4 Kidz iPad app features 26 gorgeous pictures of different animals on a plain white background, making it easy for young children to see the animal.

ILF Books - Bangs for Jurrukuk

The Indigenous Literary Foundation and Chatty Kidz have teamed up to launch a simple, yet powerful app for reading with children. Bangs 2 Jurrukuk, written by senior girls from Tiwi Island is a a captivating tale which shares traditional Tiwi culture and values of love, courage and ‘One People’.

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Help your child to practice their sightwords

During their first year of school all kids must learn their sightwords and app is a great tool for parents who travel regularly or have distant family keen to get involved and help the children. This is modern technology for families working together to provide the best education to their children.