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What is Chatty Kidz?

Pronoun (pronunciation: Cha-ti Ki-d-ssz)Chatty Kidz is a revolutionary and innovative education platform where educating children and family-bonding schedules are seamlessly integrated with globalisation, technology and simplicity to create an enriching learning and emotional experience.

Simply, Chatty Kidz combines learning time and family time to help kids learn with their close ones, whenever and wherever they are. The child and parent doesn't need to be in the same room!

There has been many studies that children tend to learn better with new technology and close relative to help them learn. Chatty Kidz is the result of the research and now you can experience it for yourself.

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Chatty Kidz

Turn iPad time into family time with the Chatty Kidz app.   Our studies show that enabling families to connect while sharing content brings five times more engagement than traditional video chat,

This bonding opportunity has never been more relevant for families today, who often live far apart and deserve the chance to connect through the age-old ritual of reading together.