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Have fun reading with the child you love dearly

The next steps are simple


You can now call each other using Chatty Kidz & enjoy reading levelled books together  


How do I read my books?

Login to Chatty Kidz using your account details (click LOGIN, top right side of website menu), your digital book is there waiting for you.

You can read your book using many devices (see what we support below), we are launching support for even more devices in 2015.


Username = <emailaddress>

Password = sent to you by email from the Chatty Kidz team (check the spam folder)


We recommend Chrome

Google Chrome



(it works)

MS Explorer

(does not work)


(does not work)



Coming 2015

Coming in 2015



Use our iPad app

Our Android app is coming in 2015

Our Android app is coming in 2015

Login &  read your books in the Chatty Kidz digital book reader

Visit our tutorial page & watch videos as we tell you how to call someone now you are friends

Using Chatty Kidz you can:

  • encourage your child to read the free book on a computer or iPad (they love using technology)
  • let the kids show off, to demonstrate their reading skills.    Have them call the grandparents and read the book together during a video call (the grandparents will love it)
  • get the kids to read more often & improve their reading skills, subscribe to access 100's of leveled readers (plenty of books to choose from)
  • Hire a professional reading tutor
  • Assess your own child's reading level & ensure they are reading books that suit their reading ability
  • Watch them learn to read better with our progress report