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We make family calls fun, engaging and educational with a safe video chat platform for young children and interesting content they share in real-time.    Become a VIP member and get the following benefits.

Free 3 month subscription

To show our appreciation for your early support we will give all VIP members a free 3 month subscription, access all premium content during your video calls

We set it up for you

To ensure you try Chatty Kidz sooner we are going to do all the set-up & configuration for you, we can't make it any easier

A real person to help 

To guarantee the best possible experience we provide a VIP Assistant to ensure its easy & all your questions are answered

“We want Chatty Kidz to be useful to our own families & to help us to better educate our own children; if it’s useful to us then it is going to be useful for you too.”
— Founder, Ken Taggart


Chatty Kidz is a safe video chat platform for families and communities with young children so that families can enjoy time together with their kids by sharing books, photos & educational content.

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