How it works

We help kids explore books and learn to love reading

Aim for 90% word accuracy

Aim for 90% word accuracy

Help your child to become a confident, capable reader with the content, tools & people needed:

  • Encourage your kids to explore our videos, to read along & learn to read at the same time
    • It's great to see your child wanting to read more books
  • Get your child to practice reading books that suit their own reading ability
    • Choose the right book level for your child, you want them to get 90% of the words right without assistance
  • Friends and family can help the kids learn when reading together during a video call
    • If you need more help we have reading buddies & professional tutors 

We read to you

Loads of books in a format children can explore & enjoy - video of people reading stories to them!    Lots of different people (children, adults, grandparents) reading stories for them to explore & watch anywhere on any device.

With print books your children will explore books when you read stories to them, in the digital world kids explore & consume video content.   Give them YouTube and watch them explore the content, we're YouTube for reading.  Encourage your kids to explore our videos, to read along & learn to read at the same time.

Practice your reading

We have 1000's of levelled books for your children to read anywhere, anytime on any device.

Our books are levelled readers (i.e. the books school's buy & send home as reading homework) from Pearson Education used by children learning to read.    Depending upon how well your child is reading, choose a reading level & let them choose any book to read from that level.   The higher the level the harder it is to read (from level 1 to 30), you want them to get around 90% of the words correct to avoid reading frustration.

Try to buy any of these books in a shop & you'll pay around $8.95 each, using Chatty Kidz you get 1,000's for one low monthly fee.

Read books together

Help a child to practice their reading during a video call anywhere, anytime on any device.


Use reading to engage the young children in your life during a video call & help them to learn better at the same time.   Perfect for distant grandparents, separated families or professional tutors.

Create your own digital books

Though we have a massive library of digital books you still need more, you can add your own books very easily using Chatty Kidz.    Enjoy reading your favourite books together during a video call or even show off your child's latest creation to the grandparents.