Guide to using Chatty Kidz

Your go to guide on using Chatty Kidz!

Well, you decided on using Chatty Kidz to be involved with your little loved one's reading. Good on you! 
But how would you go about starting on improving your child's reading? Read on!


1. Download/View the app: We currently have an mobile app on iPad and a web page version where you can view on your favourite tablet, mobile phone and computer. Make sure to download the app for both your child and yourself, so you two can view, share and interact with the content in real-time, anytime and anywhere.

2. Register with Chatty Kidz. Click here to register with your email address and with your child's email address, so you two are on the Chatty Kidz system and community.

3. Log on to Chatty Kidz using your email address and password (make sure your child is log on as well!)

4. You and your child are both logged in!

But wait, how are we suppose to talk to each other? Simple!