Chat with Video for free using Chatty Kidz

Our apps allow you to chat using video for free, not only that while you are using Chatty Kidz products you are also able to read a book with your family and friends while using the experience that only we allow.

Some of the great video chat features of Chatty Kidz 

  • It's a private network.  You can chat with the people you want without broadcasting to the world you are available
  • It easy to use - Our apps have been created with children in mind,  just click on the person you want to connect with and your away
  • Use the latest video chat technology -  We use the latest technology to ensure you video connections are great no matter what connection you have
  • Share content without affecting your video - Read a book, turn pages, zoom in on items all while you video chat without any affect on performance

The app is free to download and use.

Please click on one of our apps below to download.

Buy someone you love the gift of reading
from 15.00

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Animals 4 Kidz 
picture book for 2-4 year olds

Our kids loved to look through an animal picture book when they were young, we would spend time flicking through the pages talking about each animal, naming them and the sounds they each make. The Animals 4 Kidz iPad app features 26 gorgeous pictures of different animals on a plain white background, making it easy for young children to see the animal.

Help your child to practice their sightwords

During their first year of school all kids must learn their sightwords and app is a great tool for parents who travel regularly or have distant family keen to get involved and help the children. This is modern technology for families working together to provide the best education to their children. 



COMING SOON!! -  Chatty Kidz 

Turn iPad time into family time with the soon to be released Chatty Kidz app.   Our studies show that we enable families to connect while sharing content brings five times more engagement than traditional video chat,

This bonding opportunity has never been more relevant for families today, who often live far apart and deserve the chance to connect through the age-old ritual of reading together.

If you would like your child, aged between four and seven, to take part in our trial or you would like to just get involved in what we are doing please leave your email address below and we’ll get in touch.