It's how children explore books

Kids love to consume video content so we've given them loads of books in video format to explore

My kids love visiting a library or book store to explore the many books available, select a few and nag me to buy them.    When we get home they get me to read the books to them.

Look for this icon

Look for this icon

In the digital world my kids don't enjoy exploring digital books, its boring!   Yet they do enjoy exploring books in video format & I don't mind them watching the videos as they are learning to read at the same time plus discovering new book genres.

Try it for yourself, plonk your child in front of the screen and encourage them to watch one of these videos.   Then watch what happens next?   Do they watch more of the available videos?   Watch their little mouths, you'll see them reading along as the story progresses.

We have 1000's of videos accompanying our huge catalogue of digital books, register today and encourage your kids to explore the world of reading.