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We make it easy for non-technical people to share stuff during a video call, helping you to keep a child interested as you spend time together; almost as if you're really there in person.     

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We 're launching a new platform soon, but to help us get feedback now we have iPad apps you can try today & experience Chatty Kidz with your family.      

Register and join our VIP program to get your very own personal VIP assistant to help you get the most out of Chatty Kidz we will set everything up for you, connect your family & friends.     

We will even help you schedule a video call, just ask us for anything.

We want you to experience Chatty Kidz during a real video call & to tell us what you think.   We will use this information to build a better product & to show our appreciation all VIP members will get access to free stuff & special offers in the future.