How your child can create their own digital book

Calum's only 8 years old & he's written a book.   He produced both print & digital versions plus he even created a video of himself reading his book.     He was able to show off his creation to friends and family anywhere in the world, his school teacher gave him an award & his grandparents got some special time when he read his book to them during a video call.   A moment they'll treasure forever.

Impressive for an 8 year old !


Read on as we show you how to help your child to create their own book to share with friends and family anywhere.

Step 1 - encourage your child to write their own book.

It doesn't matter what they write about, encourage them to use their own imagination and draw plenty of pictures.    Talk to them about the story, help them to explore their own imagination & help them to plan:

Characters - who is the story about & who is the main character who usually solves the problem the story is about?

Setting - the location for all the action, is it a fantasy world or an everyday setting?

Plot - the actual story and it needs a clear beginning, middle & end.

Conflict - every story has a conflict to solve.   The plot is centred on this conflict and the ways in which the characters attempt to resolve the problem.

Resolution - the solution to the problem, it's important the resolution fits with the rest of the story

Here are some useful websites to help you explain the core elements for a story to your child:

Step 2 - take photos or scan the book pages

We need to convert the hand crafted book, painstakingly drawn and written by your own child's hand, into a digital medium.

The simplest way to achieve this is to take photos of each page with your mobile phone, the camera's on modern devices are more than capable & the quality is excellent.   Alternatively scan the pages.

For perfect results use images with a 2048×1080 resolution.

Step 3 - load the page images into Chatty Kidz

Login to your Chatty Kidz account (register if you don't have one - it's free)

Click on the Add Book button and the Create Your Book window appears, add your page image, name and book and click CREATE BOOK.



Step 4 - find your book in the library

Once the pages have been loaded onto Chatty Kidz and processed you will find your book listed in the library, scroll through all your books and you'll find the cover image listed.

Step 5 - read your book & enjoy together

Now your digital book is ready to read, click on the cover and you'll start reading your new book.

You can enjoy reading your digital book on any device & you can read the book to grandparents or distant family members during a video call.


Do you want to take the easy route?    We'll take over and do all the hard work for you creating the digital book & video for you.

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