How Nancy helped her daughter & grandson

I recently spoke to Nancy; a grandmother from Perth, Australia.  Nancy has an 8 year old grandson who suffers health problems & his mum hasn't had a good year; she's struggling.    Nancy lives too far away to visit and help though she desperately wants to; she called me to find out if Chatty Kidz could help her family?

Yes we can help!   Chatty Kidz was designed to connect kids to people who want to spend time together, we use technology & education to grab the kids attention.    

We believe that every child deserves a quality education & reading is at the heart of every child's academic future.  This is our why!   It’s why we exist, I invented Chatty Kidz to help millions of kids learn to read better.    With our technology we can deliver low cost educational content PLUS we connect the children to the adult support they need when learning.

We help families just like Nancy’s

Allowing people, no matter how far apart, to connect with their family and contribute in a meaningful manner through education.

Every few days Nancy can spend time with her grandson helping out with the reading homework.  Nancy schedules a regular day/time with her daughter to call & chat to her grandson, instead of the phone or Skype she uses Chatty Kidz – it’s a simple video call where Nancy can see & hear her grandson. 

It sounds simple but that’s 1 to 2 hours per week that Nancy’s daughter gets to focus on other things.    This time is pure gold for busy parents; all too often the things that get left off the list are the time consuming, frustrating homework duties.

Nancy reading with her grandson during a video call

Nancy reading with her grandson during a video call

During the video call Nancy's grandson can choose books to read, there are over 350 levelled books in our library giving him plenty of choice.   Chatty Kidz ensures that they both see the same thing during the video call – when they change the page they both see it, just like reading a book side by side.  Her Grandson is motivated and engaged in the activity by this simple choice as he explores lots of new books.  Overtime her grandson’s reading will improve & he will climb the levels; he will select different books of increasing difficulty as his reading get better.

What is the result?  Nancy develops a closer loving bond with her grandson and feels great satisfaction as his reading improves – she is doing something very valuable for her grandson & his future life.  Her grandson learns to read better and does his homework and importantly her daughter feels a bit less pressure day to day.