We're in Muru-D; a start-up accelerator

Well what a busy month it has been for us as we applied a start-up accelerator in late 2013.  

Following an initial interview we were invited to attend a 2-day workshop; which was pretty intense.  I often describe it as a mix between Dragon's Den & PopIdol, as I pitched my heart out to a LOT of serious business people who's job is to critic your business, pitch & ideas.   You get lots of it and you need to sift through the fluff to find the gems, there is not way we can take on board all feedback!

The last stage was a 5 minute pitch in a room with 8 judges - that's it!     You can find out more about pitch day and the judges here.

We were one final 10 successful start-ups selected for Class#1 @ Muru-D - read press release here