My First Animals Book

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When you were a kid, what was your favourite animal? Is it the mighty Lion? Or the elegant Giraffe? We believe that the joy of discovery every child experiences should be shared. This is why we have made video calling the central feature for all Chatty Kidz applications, so that you can help them discover new experiences and share in their joy no matter where you are.

Animals is a beautiful high definition picture book with an animal for each letter of the alphabet. Help them discover their favourite animal or let your distant loved ones handle it and get 20 minutes peace and quiet. Perfect for children aged 3-4 and their relatives!

See what experts say about socially interactive apps in early childhood education.


The app works by combining content and video seamlessly between readers, regardless of their location. Studies show that young children only learn new words in socially contingent interactions such as directly talking to an adult in person or through video chat. Non contingent interactions such as watching a video simply do not work. 

The story is shared and comes to life as pages are turned in real-time by both readers. Words, colours and pictures are all sensitive to touch and highlighted when activated.

The Chatty Kidz Promise

As a parent, you may have already received flashcards and early readers from your child’s school to help them practice at home. However, what we found when we talked to parents is that they are either too busy, work long hours away from home or that it’s too difficult to keep the kids’ attention when teaching them reading.

There’s an old African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. We no longer live in villages anymore. Grandparents live far away, sometimes across different countries and seas. We don’t know our neighbours as well as we used to. We have lost the support structure that a village provided for our child’s learning.

Chatty Kidz promises to connect the village. We allow you to schedule and call your family and relatives to help in your child’s education. Are you too busy today? No worries, just schedule a call with their grandparents on Chatty Kidz for free. It feels just like being there in person. 


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